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Kurt Sheetz and crew August 10-14

August 23, 2014

Hello from Southeast Alaska,

Our good friend Kurt Sheetz was in Southeast Alaska this week! Kurt was joined by a group of good friends and anglers who came to Southeast Alaska to experience everything the could. Rough weather and stormy seas outside pushed us to the inside waters of Barnof and Chichagof islands. Fishing cruising over 200 miles we covered some great country this week! We had some world class fishing stops and one hell of a good time enjoying Southeast Alaska. Thanks to Kurt and the crew for a great week on the water! We look forward to seeing you next time.

Captain Travis

The crew with a load of dungee crab
Adventurous style
Dean doing a little early morning fly fishing
The big guy with a red fish
Dean on the Halibut
The boys with a nice cays catch!
Big Tim having fun with a nice ling cod.
Living off the land
Stream side catch!