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Southeast Alaska’s grandeur has been written about, talked about, and dreamed about since the first Russian settlers stepped ashore over 200 years ago.

This a place where vertical mountains meet the sea, culture is thick with native tradition, and full of pioneer spirit. Southeast Alaska is a place of a thousand islands with endless waterways, but few roads. Because of this, it's a destination best explored by the sea and island passages. Alaska Charter Service would like to invite you to experience Southeast Alaska aboard the Adventurous where diversity, mobility, and comfort come together to produce an Alaskan experience like no other.

Southeast Alaska Sundown from our Charter

The BEST and Only Way to SEE Alaska

Just Imagine your party anchoring each night in a secluded Alaska cove or bay and enjoying the freshest seafood dinner you've ever had, while watching a beautiful sunset. It's all possible on the Adventurous and Alaska Charter Service!

"... simply stated, It was the best vacation we've ever had, second to none. No more cruise ships for us!! --Jack K. NYC.

Alaska Charter Service is an equal opportunity employer.

Alaska Fishing License
You can obtain your Alaska Fishing License online by going here.
Microsoft Virtual Earth

The Sitka Alaska area with Microsoft Virtual Earth!!

Visit Southeast Alaska on Virtual Earth

With Microsoft Virtual Earth, you can see from above the waters that we'll take you on your SE Alaska Adventure. Zoom in and out, and you see the neighboring islands, and other island passages!

Current Sitka Weather
Adventurous Photogallery

Our photogalleries are a great way to see Alaska the same way we see it each day.

Click here.

Contacting Alaska Charter

Alaska Charter Service
62 Epernay Circle
Little Rock, AR 722223

TEL: 1-800-9-GO-FISH (1-800-946-3474)

FAX (501) 362-2732



Adventurous Skipper - Captain Travis Peterson

Adventurous Captain Travis Peterson

"I get asked all the time about my job and It only takes one trip on the Adventurous to answer that. I couldn't imagine a nicer 'office.' Each day what we share with you is completely different. Whether it's viewing a magnificent glacier, watching the eagles soar majestically, observing a pod of mighty whales or helping land a salmon, each time is like the first time. Each person who comes aboard the Adventurous becomes more than just a guest for five days - they become a lifetime friend. The crew and myself get an enormous amount of pleasure sharing these treasures from Southeast Alaska with our friends.May you always have fair winds and following seas!"

-Captain Travis Peterson

"I can’t remember having a more memorable vacation with adults only in my entire life!  I thought this was going to be a fishing trip with some sightseeing and exploring thrown in to keep the wives on the boat for the entire trip, but we ALL had an unbelievable time!  Jen is an accomplished chef and every meal was like going to a 5 star restaurant but without all the pretenses. Her meals utilizing the abundant delicious fresh out of the ocean halibut, salmon, rockfish, the incomparable black cod, crab and freshly trapped prawn were beyond compare. I knew you had found a gem when Kurt and I first  met her in Panama, but she complements you like a 9mm round complements a Glock!

James was a great mate and is the hardest 22 year old man I have seen in a while.  He was expert and we thoroughly enjoyed his company and his willingness to teach us novices about fishing. We were so happy to meet him and can see that he is learning all kinds of skills from youJ.

Travis the adventurer brings out the excitement in every single moment. The trip goes on so well choreographed yet free spirited at the same time it seems as if it flows from extreme planning but spontaneous at the same time!  We don’t know how you all do it!  The entertainment value alone is well worth it!

Seeing large numbers of humpback whales, sea otters, orcas, seals, bears, bald eagles, great concentrations of all 5 species of salmon, large halibut, gorgeous orange colored yellow eyed snapper, landscaped scenery beyond our wildest dreams, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, a working fish hatchery, etc was just incomprehensible.

We will look at our calendars and conspire amongst ourselves to see what we can do.  Thanks for letting us know the 2010 dates, and thanks for what truly was an experience of a lifetime!" -Rick Scheetz

Alaska's BEST Exclusive Five Day Live Aboard Fishing & Sightseeing Excursions

What's the latest News aboard the Adventurous?
June 3rd, 2017
  Hello from Southeast Alaska,
     The season aboard Adventurous is off and running. After several incredible weeks of Steelheading our way around Southeast we are now moving into King Salmon season. The Steelhead treated us well this year! Heavy snow fall and regular during season rains kept river levels in perfect condition. Guest enjoyed some fabulous fishing and exploring of some of the last truly wild steelhead streams on earth. On to the next chapter of the season. Please enjoy the captains log for updated photos and reminiscence of recent trips. 
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Our Photogallery is online!

What's life aboard the Adventurous like? We're glad you asked! We've spent the last few weeks combing through the best of the best photos, and have put online our super photogallery with over 200 photos in it! See what we see. Southeast Alaska and a trip aboard the Adventurous never looked so good! Click on the photo left, or you can click here.

  • The Adventurous
  • Fishing in Alaska
  • The Tongass
  • On the Menu
  • What to Pack
  • Pricing & Terms

Captain Travis Peterson and his crew invite you and your family or friends to spend five fun filled and exciting days aboard the beautiful 56 foot charter vessel Adventurous. Join them for a once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan fishing experience you will never forget.

NEW! Adventurous Inside Photography. Click the photo to the left to bring up a gallery of inside Adventurous Shots.


The Adventurous sails from Sitka, Alaska each Sunday for five days, from April until September of each year.

  • Customized five day Southeast Alaska Adventure
  • Experienced USCG licensed Captain
  • Friendly and knowledgeable crew
  • Exceptional cuisine prepared just for you
  • Access to the most remote reaches of Southeast Alaska
  • Halibut & Salmon fishing (salt and/or freshwater)
  • Light tackle & sensational fly fishing opportunities
  • Fresh Dungeness crab and Alaska spot prawns
  • Whale watching and glacier viewing
  • All fish filleted, frozen, and packaged

Click here to see a photogallerySportfishing in Southeast Alaska at a Glance

Southeast Alaska is home to one of the most fertile maritime environments on the planet. All five species of salmon, steelhead, halibut and a plethora of bottom fish abound in these cold and nutrient waters. Leaving behind crowded fishing grounds on five day “live aboard” excursions, guests aboard the Adventurous will have access to the most remote and untouched fishing opportunities in Southeast Alaska.

Providing you with expert guidance and top quality fishing tackle - fishing success is assured.

A seven day Alaska State Fishing License is required. Purchase in advance here.

See Our Fantastic Photogallery here.

Welcome to the Tongass

Encompassing 17 million acres, the Tongass is the size of West Virginia and is the largest national forest in the United States. The Tongass covers most of Alaska’s inside passage and is the home to over 400 species of wildlife both marine and terrestrial. Aboard the Adventurous you will have a personalized front row seat in the Tongass National Forest. You will not only see the Tongass you will live in it and experience it. Inaccessibility and ultra rugged terrain provide a habitat for wildlife that is unique to the Tongass and the inside passage. Species such as the Bald Eagle and Brown Bear which are endangered in other parts of the United States thrive in Southeast Alaska. Depending on the time of year and the cruising area you can expect to see a diverse mix of wildlife and marine mammals during your stay aboard the Adventurous. Cruising will provide you with the opportunity to view Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Sea Otter, Seals and Sea Lions. Brown Bears dominate the land on Baranof, Chichagof and Admiralty Islands, while the less dramatic inside islands are home to the Black Bear, Wolf, Moose and Elk. You may also have the chance to see a Sitka Black Tail Deer and on a clear day even a mountain Goat. Half of the 70,000 Bald Eagles in the world live in Alaska and many of these in Southeast. The diverse food source and habitat of Southeast Alaska, provides Eagles as well as all of the other wildlife the perfect location to live. Needless to say Eagles will be on your checklist for photo opportunities during your time on the Adventurous. The Crew of the Adventurous is dedicated to providing our guest with safe, but up close and personal experiences with all of the wildlife that abound in the Tongass.

Kayaking safely just out of range!

Pack A Good Digital Camera System for your Trip

A good digital camera is a necessity for your five day trip aboard the Adventurous, so we strongly recommend you bring one if you are so inclined.

Using a telephoto lens at times can help catch the right shot, but for the most part, a six or seven megapixel point and shoot camera will suffice.  Along with your camera, plan on packing along a couple of extra memory cards, and of course do not forget extra batteries or your camera battery recharger.

You'll be able to recharge each night them right onboard.


Alaska Charter Service works with the US Fores Service and utilizes a special use permit for access to the Tongass National Forest.


What's on the Menu onboard the Adventurous?

Enjoying meals with friends and family aboard the Adventurous can be one of the high points of any trip. All meals and non alcoholic beverages are complementary for your stay aboard the Adventurous. If you choose Shawna is more than happy to prepare the catch of the day that may include many combinations of scrumptious Alaskan cuisine. Seafood at its best would describe the meals aboard the Adventurous. With access to some of the finest fish and shellfish in Alaska you can plan on some unforgettable dining experiences. Days begin with a satisfying breakfast, a midday break with a delicious lunch, happy hour with fresh appetizers, and an out-of-this-world dinner. Shawna will work with each group to ensure that everyone's expectations are met.

Although seafood is the center of many meals aboard the Adventurous, custom cut steak, hot sandwiches, soups and salads are just a few examples of other cuisine our guests may expect. All groups will be sent a basic menu or "wish list" before their charter and have the option of requesting any special meal while aboard the Adventurous. Non-seafood eaters not to worry - simply state your dining preferences on the "wish list" and we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

Packing list for your time aboard the Adventurous

Packing for a trip to Southeast Alaska can vary greatly pending the time of year and type of fishing. We have put together a couple of basic packing suggestions depending on the time of year and type of fishing you will be doing. Remember that we have an onboard washer and dryer and have the ability to do a couple of loads a day so you won’t need a lot of extra clothing for the week

Steelhead Season (April and May)

If you are early season steelhead fishing inclined, plan on cold to cool mornings and cool afternoons., lows below freezing and highs in the mid 40’s during the months of April and May. We do see some rain and snow this time of year so you need to be ready to fish in the rain, (we don’t stop fishing just because we're a little wet!) We do a lot of hiking on steelhead trips, loose fitting fleece clothing and a willingness to walk will equate to a better experience! Here is a short list of items you may want to bring along for your steelhead adventure in Southeast Alaska:

  • GoreTex chest waders. We do a lot of walking and a lot of wading during steelhead season your best bet is a pair of Gore Tex chest waders.
  • Poly Pro long underwear tops & bottoms - it can be pretty chilly during steelhead trips.
  • Fleece or wool gloves, two pair preferably and a warm hat.
  • Polarized glasses - because you'll be sight casting at times - Gotta see the fish!
  • Fleece Outerwear - Pants and top. Stay away from cotton.
  • Steelhead fishing in Southeast Alaska. Dress Warm.Some relaxing clothes to wear on the boat.
  • Digital camera. This always applies!
  • We will provide you with all the terminal gear (flies, leader etc), but please feel free to bring your own rod.  We generally fish 7 and 8 weight fly rods rigged with floating line. Our personal preference is Rio Steelhead line. My personal favorite steelhead rod is the Sage Z-Axis 11’ 8wt switch rod.
  • Flies, Wow we use a lot of different patterns and will provide you with flies, but if you choose to tie or bring flies; egg patterns, leaches and yarn bugs all work well!

Spring and Summer Fishing, Mid May thru August

Trip weather and conditions can vary greatly during this time of year.  Temperatures are generally cool during the summer expect day time highs of 60 degrees although we do occasionally see 70 degrees. Nights are cool, but not cold (around 45 degrees). Rain? Yes, Southeast Alaska is considered a rainforest and averages over 100 inches a year, plan on seeing some rain. As for the rest of expectations;  Southeast Alaska is a wildly diverse place were the ocean meets the mountains you will be aboard the number one charter boat in Alaska anything interesting can happen. That said, there are some basic items we recommend that bring along to make your trip more pleasurable:

  • Onboard laundry facilities are available and we do a couple of loads a day so you don’t have to bring your whole closet of clothes for the week!
  • Tee shirts and long sleeve fleeces work great! You will also need some type of outer shell to cut wind and light rain.
  • Footwear: tennis shoes and leather shoes are fine, but when we are fishing from the Adventurous we're cleaning the deck constantly, so rubber boots are recommended.
  • Rain gear is not a necessity as you can always step in out of the rain when fishing from the Adventurous, but it will keep you dry while reeling in a fish and whale watching. If you have rain gear bring it, if you don’t you might invest in a a light waterproof shell you can use elsewhere.
  • Throw in a pair of shorts and swim suit; we will hope to see warm weather and maybe even have a chance to take a dip in a natural hot spring.
  • Pack the Digital camera and plenty of memory card space, We have 120 volt power to charge camera batteries, (don’t forget the charger).
  • Speaking of 120 volt power, every stateroom has it so if you have need to plug in breathing machines - pack em! You are guaranteed to see things that will take your breath away anyways!

September and Late Season Stream Fishing

We are back to the streams and smaller water in September. September is a transition month in Southeast Alaska and the weather can do anything - sunny and warm to cool and windy. It is generally not as cold in September as our April steelhead fishing, but it will be cool. Refer to the summer time packing list and make sure you pack rain gear. You may also want to throw on the following items.

  • Its wader time again! Pack the GoreTex chest waders!
  • Gloves and warm hat are a must.
  • Fishing gear, terminal gear, flies and leaders: We have both spinning and fly gear onboard, but if you would like to bring your own please do! I recommend 9 to 9.5 foot 7 and 8 weight fly rods. Rig your reels with the appropriate weight floating line and if you have an extra spool (or reel) rig it with an intermediate sinking line.

At Alaska Charter Service we believe the best experiences happen when you share them with friends and family.  Your group of six family/and or friends will have exclusive use of the Adventurous.  With three guest cabins, each sleeping two guests, two baths, a comfortable salon to relax in and a full kitchen to provide tantalizing meals, the crew of the Adventurous will provide you with an extraordinary Alaskan adventure.

Five day extended excursions onboard the Adventurous will include the following:

  • Five nights and five days "lodging" on-board the Adventurous
  • Five days of fishing (stream and saltwater), sightseeing, cruising, crabbing, shrimping and enjoying Southeast Alaska as per customers request and time of year
  • All top-quality fishing gear by: Sage, Winston, Islander, Penn and Chaos
  • The use of on-board jet boat and skiff
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • All fish processing including: commercial vacuum sealing, freezing, boxing and delivery to the airport

For more information on pricing and availability, Send an email or call 1-800-946-3474.


Customize your OWN Southeast Alaskan Vacation!

Don’t just see Alaska, live it! Utilizing the Adventurous as a mobile base camp for your Alaskan Adventure we will help you customize each trip.  Beautiful anchorages, great fishing, and an Customize your Own Southeast Alaska Adventure with us!endless list of activities, each trip aboard the Adventurous is unique.  All of our live aboard adventures are tailored to the anticipations of each guest. From the first time Alaskan visitor to the seasoned Alaska veteran, sightseer, avid fisherman or connoisseur of fine seafood, we strive to exceed all guests expectations. 

Alaska Charter Services invites you to come and enjoy a natural Alaskan experience on the Charter Vessel Adventurous. Alaska Charter Service is a unique experience, unlike any other. We'll make sure you have a sensational Alaska vacation, one that you'll surely never forget! Call 1-800-946-3474 for more information and to inquire about availability.

Visit these pages for more Information

Read Travis Peterson's blog about the Adventurous and the voyages that she makes each week. You'll see some tremendous and beautiful photography of Southeast Alaska. Are you interested in meeting the crew of the best extended charter from Sitka? You can meet Travis, Jennifer and James here.


From upclose views of seeing magnficient brown bear to whalepods, you'll do it all onboard the Adventurous. Visit our photogalleries, and get a feel for what to expect onboard, the great fishing opportunites, and the beauty of Alaska! Don't just visit Southeast Alaska - experience it!


Huge King's and halibut are just a few of the species that we can assure you'll get into when it comes to fishing onboard the Adventurous. Southeast Alaska is one of the most fertile areas in the world when it comes to great fishing fun! Visit our sportfishing in Alaska page for more information on the awesome fishing opportunities that we provide.