Navigating the Islands near Sitka

Formed by the erosion of rivers of ice, wind, and waves, Southeast Alaska forms the “top” of the largest natural protected waterway on earth. Thousands of islands, fjords, bays, and straits create dreams and attract the adventuresome at heart. The convergence of the icy cold waters of the bordering Gulf of Alaska with the shores and waterways of Southeast create a maritime habitat like no other.

All of the northern species of whales, sea lions, seals, salmon and a plethora of bottom fish converge on the nutrient rich waters of Southeast Alaska every summer. On shore - bears, deer, and mountain goat thrive in this wild and nearly human free environment. As a guest aboard the Adventurous, you will have the luxury of mobility and comfort with access to the farthest and most remote reaches of Southeast Alaska.


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Adventurous Skipper - Captain Travis Peterson

Adventurous Captain Travis Peterson

"I get asked all the time about my job and It only takes one trip on the Adventurous to answer that. I couldn't imagine a nicer 'office.' Each day what we share with you is completely different. Whether it's viewing a magnificent glacier, watching the eagles soar majestically, observing a pod of mighty whales or helping land a salmon, each time is like the first time. Each person who comes aboard the Adventurous becomes more than just a guest for five days - they become a lifetime friend. The crew and myself get an enormous amount of pleasure sharing these treasures from Southeast Alaska with our friends.May you always have fair winds and following seas!"

-Captain Travis Peterson

"What a winning combination! Stubborn halibut, feisty salmon, snappy crabs, surprise shrimp, and performing wildlife are part of the Adventurous experience. All this combined with remarkable scenery, comfortable accommodations, and an outstanding Captain and Crew create memories that will last a lifetime. Captain Travis and his crew wear many hats on this voyage: fishermen, tackle organizers, chefs, tour guides, and wildlife spotters to name a few. I can’t wait to hear “Whale on the starboard side!!!!!” this summer. Thank you for all the many adventures you have provided me throughout the years and for sharing the Real Alaska with us." -- Diane Petroski, Clark, NJ


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Test2Baranof Island

At 85 miles long and up to 20 miles wide Baranof Island is the third largest island in the state of Alaska. Bordered on the outside coast by the Gulf of Alaska and the inside by 100 mile long Chatham Straight, Baranof Island is one of the most rugged pieces of property in Alaska.

With peaks towering to 4,000 feet above sea level and 1,000 foot deep fjords nearly cutting the island in half, Baranof is both dynamic and picturesque.

The small town of Sitka situated in a semi protected sound on the outside coast of Baranof is the port of call and departure point for most of the extended excursions aboard the Adventurous. No roads reach Sitka from the mainland - the city is accessible only by air or sea.

Accessing the rugged and remote coastline of Baranof can be difficult with both distances and the weather of the Gulf of Alaska standing in the way. Aboard the Adventurous we take advantage of the vessels long range capabilities and the local knowledge of the crew and spend most of these exciting months winding our way through the calm fjords and fish infested bays of the outside coast of this beautiful island.

As the summer progresses and the migrations continue the Adventurous itinerary options begins to change. While there is still plenty of time for sightseeing and saltwater fishing we break out the fly rods and light tackle and head to the numerous streams and rivers that pour from Baranof to the sea. Test3Pinks, chum, sockeye and sensational coho fishing remain excellent through September. Fishing both from the two Adventurous launches and the shoreline the light tackle and fly fishing potential for this area could only be rivaled on neighboring islands. The fishing opportunties around Baranof Island are what we feel some of the finest in the world. And we know you'll think so also, after you have chartered onboard the Adventurous!

During the latter part of May, June, and the first several weeks of July, tens of thousands of ravenous kings and later coho salmon descend on the outside coast of Baranof Island. As the migrating salmon gorge themselves in the bait rich waters, the summers "feeding frenzy" begins attracting whales, porpoise, eagles, bears, bottom fish, and of course fisherman and sightseers! Check out this island on Microsoft Virtual Earth on this site.

Chichagof Island

Chichagof IslandMoving to the north, we find Chichagof Island. Not quite as dramatic as and slightly smaller than her sister Baranof island, the Chichagof island coastline is still one of the most remote and interesting places to visit in Southeast Alaska!

With world class Steelhead streams and sensational crabbing, the Adventurous and her passengers make way towards this island every April and May. At this time the Steelhead run is at its peak and aboard the Adventurous we have access and knowledge to well known streams, as well as those that flow untouched.

With the progression of the season, Salmon and Halibut come within reach of some of the most beautiful and remote anchorages in Southeast Alaska. Anchored in ultra flat water within just a few miles of world class saltwater fishing proves to be a great combination allowing us to weigh anchor and be fishing just after we finish up breakfast.

Steelhead in Southeast AlaskaExcellent stream and river fishing is just one of the highlights available to the Adventurous guest at Chichagof Island. Cruising and hiking Chichagof could monopolize an entire trip. Abandoned gold mines, hot springs, remote trail systems, and small and interesting villages are all accessible and available to guests of Alaska Charter Service. The outside coast of Chichagof is dotted with a myriad of small islands which are populated with so many sea otters, eagles, and other wildlife that keeping count is nearly impossible.

As with the other bountiful islands on the outside coast of Southeast Alaska fall spells stream fishing. With the Adventurous anchored in flat water just off of the mouth of the streams, our fly and light tackle anglers enjoy access to some of the most difficult to reach and plentiful stream systems in Southeast Alaska.

Admiralty Island

Admiralty IslandKootzoowoo is the native or Tlingit Indian name for this inshore gem of an island, now called Admiralty. Kootzoowoo directly translated means "fortress of the bears" which is a fitting name as the estimated population of Brown bears on this island is 1700, making it the densest population of Brown Bears in world.

Surrounded by the normally flat waters of the inside passage Admiralty is host to many opportunities to the guest of the Adventurous. Several small, but plentiful Steelhead streams flow out of the rolling hills of this island providing an excellent day or even two-day stop in May. It's entirely up to you. Converging currents at the Southwestern corner of the island cause huge concentrations of bait attracting humpback whales, salmon and great numbers of Halibut.

Remote streams, and calm anchorages call the Adventurous and her guests to Admiralty in the fall. Sockeye, pinks, chums and coho literally fill their respective streams allowing Fly and light tackle anglers non-stop action.

250 Lb. Halibut!