Adventurous Skipper - Captain Travis Peterson

Adventurous Captain Travis Peterson

"I get asked all the time about my job and It only takes one trip on the Adventurous to answer that. I couldn't imagine a nicer 'office.' Each day what we share with you is completely different. Whether it's viewing a magnificent glacier, watching the eagles soar majestically, observing a pod of mighty whales or helping land a salmon, each time is like the first time. Each person who comes aboard the Adventurous becomes more than just a guest for five days - they become a lifetime friend. The crew and myself get an enormous amount of pleasure sharing these treasures from Southeast Alaska with our friends.May you always have fair winds and following seas!"

-Captain Travis Peterson

"There really are not enough superlatives to describe the five days that we spent with you on the Adventurous. As I told you upon our departure, it was everything and more than we expected. The boat is magnificent and reflective of the both the knowledge and care that you brought to that undertaking. It was a very special & relaxing time for me and also a rite of passage as my youngest goes off into the world. The camaraderie of the people onboard made it a special time. Warm Regards"R. Randolph Devening, Oklahoma"

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